Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 – Get ready once again for Amazon Prime Day 2020. Amazon Prime Day deals you almost get to see in mid july. However due to the coronovirus global epidemic it seems that the date of Prime Day can be shifted this year. Amazon Prime Day was introduced in 2015 on the 20th anniversary of Amazon. Here you get exclusive discounts on products. There is a huge price drop on products like Echo Dot, MacBook Air, Fire Sticks, Ring camera etc. in Prime Day deals. This can be considered a very big day for Amazon.

It was also stated by shoppers on the product ordered on Amazon Prime day that they are not happy with the quality and quantity of the product. Now they only know how much truth is there in this. I did not have any such problem when I bought the product from here. We will help you to find the best exclusive deals available on Prime Day. I hope after reading this article, your all doubts related to Prime Day will be dispelled.

What is Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day was launched in July 2015 when the 20th anniversary of amazon was celebrated. Prime Day offers discounts on thousands of products from where you can save large amounts. The first Amazon Prime Day was celebrated in nine countries including the U.S., UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria. Last year, over 175 million items were purchased by Prime Members in 48 hours.

As the name suggests on Amazon Prime Day, it is not necessary that this event should be of one day only. It was up to 30 hours in 2017, 36 hours in 2018 and 48 hours in 2019. Prime Day 2018 began at 3 p.m. ET on Monday, July 16 and ran for 36 hours through Tuesday, July 17. Here you can buy your Amazon products as well as products from other manufacturers and third-party merchants in the best deal. You get to see huge discounts on Alexa-enabled products such as Echo smart speakers, the Fire TV and Fire tablets.

You need to sign up to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals or you can use these deals even if you are an existing prime member. Delivery time may be slightly longer for some products but you are given fast delivery facility on almost all products. Amazon gets very good deals on its items. There are many good deals on Fire TV Stick to Echo smart speaker etc.

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When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

So the question arises that when is Prime Day 2020 going to happen? Due to the coronavirus epidemic, there is now a doubt about the Prime Day happening in july. People have been waiting for Prime Day for many months, where they save a good amount of money.

According to Reuters, Amazon Prime Day is now going to be in August at the earliest. The new date is due to the coronavirus global pandemic. However, nothing has been said about this by Amazon yet. Summer sales are also started by Amazon’s competitors, where you get to see a lot of lightning deals. Due to Coronavirus, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is expected to be later this year.

How long will Prime Day 2020 be?

It is not clear yet when Prime Day 2020 will be. So how long Prime Day 2020 will last is hard to say. According to recent rumors Prime Day may be behind this year. In 2018 it was up to 36 hours, in 2019 it was 48 hours. So this year also it is expected that Prime Day 2020 will be for at least 48 hours. This year, you can get around 100 million products for sale in deals, for which you will have to wait a little longer.

What Prime Day 2020 deals can we expect?

On Prime Day Deals you can buy a lot of products at a discount. Prime Day offers exclusive deals on Fire TV, MacBooks, 8K TVs etc. You can take some time to search for deals and if you find good deals then you can save your money, which is not a bad option.

On Amazon Prime Day you get a great discount on your Amazon products. These products of Amazon include Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, Amazon Kindle etc. Apart from this, other manufacturers also give you a good discount. While last year iPads, MacBook were also discounted by up to 50%.

On Prime Day, there is a competition by many retailers to participate and it becomes quite difficult to predict what kind of offer will be offered in the products. If you are thinking of buying electronic items this year, then you may also get discount in electronic items.

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Which countries will celebrate Prime Day this year?

Amazon Prime Day was first celebrated in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Austria, Canada and Italy. If talked about last year, Prime Day was celebrated in 18 countries including United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Singapore, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, Austria, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, France, Canada, Belgium and China.

What were the best-selling devices of Amazon Prime Day?

On the occasion of Amazon Prime Day 2019, various products were purchased by users, among which Alexa-enabled devices are the main ones. The deals on Amazon devices were well received by the users. Top Selling Device in the world includes Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick and 4K Fire TV Stick.

Fire tablets also went on sale these days, and Alexa devices were also very popular this year, including products such as the Echo Show and the Echo 5. The Fire 7 Tablet was the best-selling Amazon tablet during Amazon Prime Day. Deals were also seen in The Ring and Blink devices, considerable discount was given on Blink XT2 home security kit.

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Top Amazon Prime Day deals 2019

At the time of Prime Day, their prices are heavily discounted on Amazon’s own products. You can buy Amazon devices on very good deals. Apart from these products, some other Deals have also become very popular, including Amazon Credits offered by Amazon. You could apply this deal only through Amazon App. $10 Amazon credit for spending $100, $22 Amazon credit for spending $200, and $60 Amazon credit for spending $500.

Top-selling deals from around the world, Amazon devices are exclude here:

  • United States: Instant Pot DUO60, LifeStraw Personal Water Filter and 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits
  • United Kingdom: Sony PlayStation Classic Console, Shark Vacuum Cleaner and Oral-B SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush,
  • Australia: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Finish Powerball All-in-1 Max Dishwasher Tablets, and Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies
  • Canada: PlayStation 4 Slim with Spiderman and Horizon Zero Dawn, LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, and 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits